AK: ‘Cos you are so big!

Our baby girl is 30 months old and while I love peppering her face with kisses, the fact becomes all the more real when she manages to wriggle away from me with brute strength! Sometimes I like to just watch her strut about in the house, singing her songs out loud and insisting she wants to watch the “Booba Grape” episode.

Maybe all parents feel this way about their children, but it amazes me sometimes how she forms her sentences somewhat eloquently. She would gab away about the plot of the episode, explaining how Booba wore white (actually, that is his fur) and there was a naughty mouse and bird and he did not get the grape in the end.

Dude, I can actually have conversations with her! Like, how cool is that?

We sometimes talk about her friends at school, who she is friends/not friends with on that day (cue drama) or about what songs she sang in class, sometimes she prattles on like the kids on YouTube with their Egg Surprise!

Although I may feel somewhat differently when the lights are off and she has plonked her bum in my face, talking about how we should not sleep yet. 

The other night, Mr Grumpy and I were holding hands in the car but our little lady was not having any of that. She tried prying our fingers apart, shouting:

“Open! Mama, open! Naughty Papa, naughty Mama!” 

and the real kicker was when we asked her why we could not hold hands. She shouted:

“Cos you are so big!”

I guess by that logic, we cannot ever hold hands anymore because we are too big and old. Did not have to reach 40 to start feeling old, after all! Romance may truly be dead after kids come along (I kid!).

We have tried so far to negotiate with her (instead of just screaming) and our efforts have come into fruition sooner than expected, considering how she has also managed to hustle us a few times. For example, if we tell her she cannot brush her teeth, she would ask to shower first so that she can get the toothbrush after.

When she first started “negotiating” with us, we were won over with her charm and seemingly innocent eyes, and then the light bulb moments followed soon after when we would see her cackling and running away in glee. Leads us up the garden path, indeed.

She used to shout when she was frustrated with us, especially when we take her iPad away but interestingly enough, Mr Grumpy tried a new approach. He would tell her she has a minute left with it and she would try to “negotiate” a few more minutes (cue back and forth negotiations) but once it has been decided upon and time is up, she would give up the iPad without such a fuss.

If there are any key lessons I have gotten from parenting, it is to really listen and watch your kids. I don’t mean controlling or structuring every minute of their day, but look at what motivates them, what makes them happy and sad, and treat your promises well. Respect them even though they are little people. I remember making a few false promises, thinking that she would not remember or would forget, but having seen her go quiet and confused has made me realize it truly is important.

Even if it did not seem like a big deal to me, it truly was for her. No matter how small or big, I try keeping to the promises or simply not making them at all.

Parenthood is truly about consistency, not just in what you say but how you act/behave around them. I am guilty of spending a lot of time on my phone (playing SimCity BuildIt) but she would grab my phone and say “Okay Mama, no phone, no more!Enough okay?” 

It’s funny how that’s how our daily “no more iPad” lectures go.

She truly is becoming very sassy and you can see her personality take on a more definitive shape. Very free-spirited and friendly, she is also polite and would be gentle through the rare tantrums that happen. We are happy to let her grow and learn more things about herself and around her; she learns quicker without unnecessary restrictions. It is also fun and funny to watch how she sees the world.