AK’s report card day

Two days ago was the 2nd time our little miss got her report card. She has been in this kindie for a while and I am not sure if I have shared how we switched her to another kindie before only to send her back.

It really is important to not put price as the main deciding factor of where to put your child and I do not mean it in an arrogant way. I understand that not everyone can afford something very good but when I switched her kindie for a “cheaper” one, it was not the best move. She kept falling ill every week and it is important for the kindie staff to be honest with you, to be people you can actually trust with your child.

I am more than happy with the one she is at now, they are filled with loving people and always care about the environment and activities your children would have. Helps that they also have a CCTV you can access to stalk your kid hahaha

Anyway, I digress.

So, we parents were called in to discuss her progress and while this was my second time, it was Mr Grumpy’s first time. When I saw her report card, I was and am a proud mum! It was not just because of how she has developed her vocabulary and how she is doing with letters and numbers, but I was happy that she is also like a big sister who is gentle with the younger ones. A very loving little girl we have.

ALTHOUGHHHHH she is having issues sharing with children her age. The teachers mentioned it is a normal phase kids go through and I suppose since she has no siblings now, she may regard the other kids as siblings to squabble with. I was reminded of our daily conversations in the car:

Me: “AK, how was school today?”
AK: “R pushed me Mamaaaa…he don’t want to share the toy…. he got angry…then time out!”
Me: “Did you also get time out?” 
AK: ……”maybeeeeee”

Honestly, some of our conversations are so amusing and I am always surprised by how fast time flies by. Being a working mother (until the end of my notice, so it seems), I had always felt the guilt of not being with her 24/7 and on the days I picked her up, having her run out to hug me has sometimes seared my heart.

Days like these remind me that she is not just doing fine, she is doing well! She is polite always minding her Ps and Qs, tidying up after herself and man, she is quite the negotiator when she wants something. It is not just my success alone, it is also Mr Grumpy’s because he is the most awesome father ever!

I can’t think of many men who would not care about embarrassing themselves in public, the way he picks her up and dances with her if there is music playing. I can’t think of many who would help apply lip balm and let her practice on them, who would not hesitate to set her straight yet hug and explain to her after.

Aside from him, there are my family and friends who have always been of help and that has meant so much lately. Mr Grumpy travels and has events, I have been in training lately which has included some Saturdays but we are really blessed to have his family members take her around and to help take good care of her.

It brings new meaning to the words “It takes a village to raise a child”.

While I used to dread asking for help and would think 1001 times before going out for a bit with friends, thinking it would reflect that I am a bad mother, I think that mothers should not be so harsh on themselves. What matters is that everything is in moderation and when you do spend time with your child, it is quality time. Of course you could do everything alone, but when you have others too, they are also included in the memories and development of your child.

From that perspective, I appreciate these people even more. I have seen difficult parents who have tirades against teachers/helpers, which I understand less everyday. They may not be perfect, but working with them is better than working against them. Sometimes, all it takes is a little appreciation for what they do and understanding when mistakes happen.

It’s easy to get caught up in the whole “She/he is my child, I want it this way! I know what’s best for him/her” but if there is one thing life had taught us, it’s that parents may not ALWAYS know what is best for their kid. Let your child grow and discover things, your job as a parent is to make sure whatever environment they are in, whether they are with you or with others, is safe and loving so they can really soar. Not everyone would agree or understand most of my parenting skills or maybe even Mr Grumpy’s, but it has been something that has worked for us and AK.

My baby girl is very strong minded. I can’t believe she is turning 3 in another 2 months and while she continues to grow, she will always be my little baby girl. Ever feisty and strong minded as she was when she was a baby, yet with her soft loving side. I hope we will always continue to do right by you, not just in terms of what we would want or feel is best for you. I hope we give you enough love, security and guidance so you would love yourself and know what is best for you.