Effort That Goes Into Marriage That Romance Movies Never Mention

Please Ibu!

Alhamdulillah Shahir and I have been married for 7+ years and for the most part, we are happy (i think, I am speaking on his behalf here since I am writing this article LOL).

I share about our life together and with our kids because I like to share happy and positive things with hopes that people can take a positive note out of my writings.

But I also make a point to highlight that nothing is ever easy, be it succeeding at work or in your studies, raising children or maintaining a happy marriage.

While Shahir and I are smiling in our photos, of course there are moments in our life where we don’t smile (and sometimes avoid talking for a while)..

People see the anniversary photos, the laughing kids, the house and think that is the dream.

Alhamdulillah, being happily married is one of Allah’s blessings to me …

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