AK | 31 months: The case of the broccoli

If I had to describe my daughter in 3 words, it would be sassy, sweet and determined. She will be 3 in February and now is the stage where she does and says the most amusing things.

Gone are the days where Mr Grumpy and I could be “Do this” and she would just do it. Nowadays, there will be the retorts, the whys and sometimes mocking (this happens more between her and Mr Grumpy though!). Most of the time, it ends more with giggles than tears and it is quite endearing to watch.

Sometimes, there is just no stopping her though!

I wanted to buy some groceries on the way home from work and explained to her “Ayaa, if you are good, we will get you a drink there okay?” Yes, I am one of those mothers who bribes her kid to behave on tiring days. Happy at the prospect, Ayaa said “OKAY!” and once we parked, she was egging me on: “Faster, Mama! Faster, the door!”

Up the stairs she went and strutted her stuff so confidently to the cereal section with her frazzled mother saying “No Ayaa, the vegetables section, let’s go”. My daughter thinks she is so big that she does not need to hold my hand for long. This requires extra negotiating, some shoulder pushing and the occasional threat. No one has warned me of how you tend to behave a bit like the mafia through motherhood.

While I was picking out the vegetables, our dear little girl decided to pick up a broccoli and shout:

AK: “I don’t like broccoli! I don’t like broccoli!”.
Me: “Okay, I get it, you don’t like broccoli… Now put it with the other broccoli, please!”

She plonks it with the other broccoli and started patting each and every one of the broccoli, shouting “I don’t like this broccoli, I don’t like that broccoli!”. Lord, there was no stopping her and of course, EVERYBODY heard and turned to watch this little munchkin’s live drum performance.

Times like these, I would normally leave Mr Grumpy to deal with it first but alas, my hero was not with us! Just when I thought I had stopped her drum performance and/or picketing, persuading her to follow me to the drink section, she picked a carrot up next.

“I don’t like carrot!”

Thankfully, her “carrot” performance was much shorter as I pulled her away. She then waved to her audience, saying “Hiiii…byeeee!!” 

That’s my daughter for you. She does not demand attention or act like a diva, but she will do and say what is on her mind, unashamedly and very cheekily. One of the inherent beauties of being young and not giving a crap about what others may think hahaha When I told Mr Grumpy about the incident, he laughed and laughed. In retrospect, it was pretty funny and I am secretly thanking the stars that I do not go to that grocery store often at all.

Otherwise, that performance would probably have been the first of weekly performances.