RIP Shea

Life is precious. Life is fragile. 

As much as we may forget it as we keep on with the hustle and bustle of life. Some of us do well and ride on highs whereas some struggle to make it through each day. 

Some of us have unexpected tests whereas some have life long tests and unlike school, there are no options to skip or to have yourself devoid of any sort of emotion.

Life is hard and the pain is very real.

I do not know her personally but I have been following her blog closely simply because she comes across as so real. She was a girl chasing her dreams,one step at a time and I enjoyed reading about her thoughts and emotions as she journeyed through life.

No pretense and many people followed her journey as messages and shows of affection would stream in for her. My heart dropped when I read about how she got diagnosed with cancer 5 months ago. 

She has passed on earlier tonight, hopefully to a place where there is only sun and fields of flowers as pretty and real as the soul she had. Where there is no longer any pain. 

I will miss that authentic sunshine you brought and always think of how the world needs so many more people with your realness. May God keep you safe and loved and your heart be free of the burdens and pain you carried while you were in this world. 

RIP Shea.