Thoughts | blast to the past

I’ve been switching between the past and the present, thinking of everything that has happened over the years and re-evaluating where I am in life now. Not from a professional perspective, I have already made that kamikaze jump last year and the challenges are engaging. I would say it’s more of digesting and reflecting, because I have never really awarded myself the time and privilege to take a good hard look and accept it all.

It has been a rough start to 2017 and if you have been following this little blog of mine, you probably could suss it out from my recent emo neemo posts. Am having a detox from Facebook and Instagram; the only things active aside from this blog are Facebook Messenger, the occasional tweet and my lasting loyalty to Candy Crush. Basically deleted the apps from my phone and so far, so good.

I’m back to attempting R programming in online courses and am enjoying the progress am making thus far. I have helpful colleagues who also teach me (I bribe them with Pringles to encourage them hahaha). Also nicely enough, I am back to doing Muay Thai!!! I used to do it for a number of years and now I try going three mornings before work. Omg, it is quite an experience getting back to it again. The majority who go for the morning classes are women and there are some who are touching their 40s and 50s but wow, can they kick!

Some of the instructors are from Thailand and it’s kind of funny when you think about it. One or two have spent years fighting in competitions, going worldwide and train other fighters. Now there they are, helping us ladies with our wraps before every lesson (because we cannot seem to ever remember how to do them properly) and sometimes behave like a gaggle of geese. Hehehe I wonder if the image ran through their minds when they first started off their careers.

What’s also interesting is how they switch it up every lesson. You have to learn different combinations and use hand and body pads, so really, if you are slow, prepare to get whacked. There has been an instance where the instructor was like “DON’T KICK NO GOOD. YOU FALL, ME NO HAPPY!” probably thinking to himself, God, I hope you women don’t kill yourselves. Hahaha bless him for being awesome through the language barrier.

Maybe that’s also the thing about exercise. I know it sounds crazy that I am doing things that intensively, walking around the office with my parts totally sore, but I feel so good and do not get as riled up as before. Pre-Muay Thai, some things would have totally pissed me off for days but now it is more of hours then I move on with my life (Hey, I didn’t say I got reborn!). I have better sleep now and my brain is being jump-started to what it once was. I feel like my old self again, doing a form of exercise I was once so passionate about and still am. Aside from swimming, no other form of exercise has ever ignited me so.

Funnily enough, I feel myself getting more encouraged to push myself further even when I think I cannot. For one, the instructor gets you to do a minimum of 100 sit ups and also maybe like 30 proper push ups (I am talking man style!) so there is no room for the weak. You better leave whatever excuses you have at the door and get to it. Although I am a bit slow at keeping up with the combos and I get intimidated with the more senior students, I keep pushing myself. I also don’t remember feeling this challenged (or sweating as much) during my previous stint.

Boxing today was insaaaane, but once I got done, I was so happy with what I managed to do! (Also for still being able to stand and walk like a normal person hahaha!). Let’s see if I manage to go again tomorrow!

Doing something I like for myself in a new environment, where no one knows me well as a person (yet) has also done wonders for my time at home. When I get home, I cook and then spend time with AK and Mr Grumpy watching tv or whatnot and the time feels well-deserved. I don’t feel guilty or complacent. Maybe because I have worked at work, Muay Thai and with those R programming courses and even if I slack at one, I’ve already done the other two so that’s a good haul overall (OMG, SO KIASU!). Bye bye to the excuses of not having enough time or being too tired, the old Lia is showing herself again!

Hopefully, she is a much stronger and calmer person this time round. I liked this quote by Jason Statham, here is his shirtless self and I will leave the quote to inspire you as it has inspired me!