“Maybe if we all sit extremely still, Monday won’t be able to see us.”

Anyone who has been in the workforce would have had at least one instance with a seminastyhowthehellhavetheysurvivedthislong kind of colleague/superior they had to work with.

It’s a given that after putting up a front for 9 hours, you get emotionally drained, physically exhausted and just want to curl up in bed and sleep (or watch Netflix till your eyeballs glaze over, which leads to the same outcome). I’ve had my fair share of experiences and no matter how many or little you go through, it always leaves an unpleasant taste at the back of your throat.

In meetings, you may have to replace your “I’m just about to lunge at you and throttle your neck” expressions with a poker face, tune their voices out into a fainting blimp in the background and sneak out in stealth mode when lunchtime comes around. It’s like being immersed in a pressure cooker and not knowing when the lid would come right off.

People talk of zen, of ignoring the issue, of just doing you, to work until you get there but ah… if only, every day was not such a struggle. If only the bane of your work-life existence would tender his/her resignation, if only because you are too tired to browse through the likes of LinkedIn and JobStreet again. Interviews where you have to prove and showcase yourself, oh yes…enthralling.

It’s all too real of an issue. Practically speaking, there is bound to be at least one such unsavory character wherever you go. Their inherent beauty lies in their ability to bullsh*t, to manipulate unaware people and slime their way up the corporate ladder. They leave a dusty path behind them as they step over heads and bad mouth others in order to get ahead. They try putting blinders on their superiors’ eyes and to cover their path of incompetence with their dazzling charm, which actually rings emptily once you see through the bullsh*t.

If you are the sort with a low tolerance for such characters, it would be harder for you. It would be harder to not want to pull out the duct tape in meetings, to accept whatever they say or do with a big big BIG pinch of salt and what more to laugh it off like a rabid hyena. Maybe you would even try to ignore certain words and actions to cope better which is easy to understand. I admire you, you fighter!

Sometimes, talking to another superior also does not help and it is sad to think of how many people are left in limbo, to struggle and keep themselves afloat. I wonder how it is kept up for so long, more so if other superiors have seen the patterns yet do not do anything about it.

But, we shall keep calm and carry on.