the little boss

I can’t believe that this blog has existed for a bit more than 2 years. Happy belated birthday blog, you’re older than AK! I was looking back at the earliest posts and could not help but feel that I was more carefree then. It’s true that parenthood changes you, the word for it is stabilizing but I’d like to think that there are still those times when the child in me comes out.

I used to sometimes hide behind a couch (pregnant/not pregnant) and wait for Mr Grumpy to walk by and jump out at him screaming “Boo!”.  Sometimes he tells me to be careful as we walk down a wet, slippery lane and I would pretend to flail my arms like I am slipping. (I know right? Considering he gets his fair share of heart attacks,I’m still confused as to why he married me!). We would also have random adventures like this one time we were on a motorbike, trying to find the night market in Krabi and ended up speeding back to the hotel in the rain afterwards. I love the memories we make together, especially those of random adventures.

I still switch off the lights when Mr Grumpy is in the toilet sometimes. Give him a bit of disco vibes.

It is true. I can’t help but find delight in disturbing people and this has translated to my interactions with AK. She has become SUCH a little boss that I love riling her up once in a while (who am I kidding? It’s at least once everyday!) . What has brought me particular joy is when I hug Mr Grumpy:

Me: “I loooove Papa, Mama loooooves Papa!”

Oooh, she gets so angry! Hahaha but she seems to have more self-control than her Mama as she would squint and point at me then say “NOOOOO Mama! Mama watch!”

Basically, she tries getting me to go watch tv/sleep so that I would step away from her beloved Papa. 

She would not yank me away or shout, but would say it firmly. It’s not just with her Papa, some of our conversations make my eyes widen as I see how firm she is and how she seems to pick things up fast. She would try getting me to “off” the tv when I’m too engrossed and am not playing with her. She knows colours, how to count till 20, her ABCs and the sequencing of events. Ask her questions and she will answer what she knows with such conviction.

Me: “Where’s Papa?”

AK: “Papa working”

Me: “No, Papa is at home. Where’s Papa?” (He was in fact at home, doing business in the toilet)

AK: “Papa workinggggg” (Probably thinking, OMG mama I’ve answered you!”)

Me: “No AK, Papa is home! Where is Papa?”

AK: “Hmm… Papa upstairs…hmm…Mama, where’s Papa?”

Funny girl, directs the question to you when she isn’t sure or senses she may have gotten it wrong.

We’ve been pretty particular about her P’s and Q’s (Please and Thank yous) and insist for her to say it when she asks or receives something. Funnily enough, I could remind her a 1000 times and insist on it, to which she will have her exasperated “PEEEEEASEEEE MAMA, TIQIUUUU” but during the times I forget, she will say it so willingly and happily like a little angel.

Maybe she likes riling me up too………

When I do housework, she will follow behind me shouting “Mama, what you doing?!” and whether I say ironing/cleaning/cooking/whateversheprobablydoesn’tunderstandanyway, she will nod seriously and say “OOOHHHH…”. She would grab my spice bottles or unpeeled garlic and pretend to help me cook, grab clothes and pass them to me when I am hanging the laundry. If I’m a bit slow, she will say “Mama! Faster!”.

I love how she tries to help after all the interrogations.

My baby, you are hilarious. Don’t grow up so fast!

The way I view it is I have a boss at work, and I will always have this little adorable boss at home. But the one at home seems to take herself more seriously hahaha!


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