thoughts: i remember you


Somewhere along the way, I got distracted. Call it the glitz and glamour, maybe the strobe lights and excitement the nights would bring, but I was enraptured in the possibilities. Anything could happen really and with friends who laugh as you guys leaned on each other, it didn’t really matter where you were. For those moments, you were alive and eternal. You were finally accepted and loved.

And then loss came. Like a sharp jolt to reality, I lost some of those friends and the thrills seemed to wane as life grew into a routine. The promises seemed empty while I still searched for that bit that would keep me whole, I’d keep chasing. There was still something missing and then you realize that loss can happen wherever and whenever, more so when you least expected it.

For life is fragile and time has a double-edged tint to it. You never know how long or short time may be given to you, to really live your life and spend it with the people who mean a lot to you. You never know what would be the last words you speak to someone or if it would be the last time you see their smile, the last time you would hold and comfort them as they cried.

Everything is temporary in this life; loss and death teach us that in moments you reach for your phone and you realize they are no longer there. In times when you feel that lump at the back of your throat as you remember someone who once existed and meant so much yet no longer does in your life.

I am grateful to have known you, for having had you as the reason for my smile

For being someone I could tell a funny story to, to share my hopes and fears 

Though time and distance separates us, we were as we were

We shared something we no longer share

For that, I will miss you

For that, I will love you

For that, I will always remember you

I wish you well wherever you are

Tom Petty – You And I Will Meet Again:


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