hello 2017

And just like that, 2017 is here to grace us all.

I can’t think of many people who actually had a relatively smooth 2016; it seemed to have just been one of those years where so many things happened! Personally, it was a time of change and self-reflection. AK’s little horns have started to show (they say it’s the terrible twos…….), we moved into our house (which still needs some putting together), am undergoing a career change and also decided to get rid of some self-deprecating thoughts and fears that never used to help me.

Yes, no one is perfect and there is still some way to go, but the following is a list of the things I wish I had done differently:

  1. To have tried and come to terms with the possibility of failure than to be afraid of failure. Towards the end of the year, I bit the bullet and decided to try but in retrospect, I wish I had spent less time being worried about things or what people would think and more on embracing the unknown. It is a whole lot more fun on the flip side and it truly challenges one to be a calculated risk taker.
  2. To have spent less time on passive activities like watching television and social media. It seemed like something normal, to come home after a long day at work and enduring traffic to switch your television on (and your mind off) or browse about the latest happenings on social media. Doing other things like reading or online courses actually does not require more magical hours in a day and end up doing much more for your mind and soul than passive activities. There is the time, it’s how you want to spend it.
  3. To have cooked more and compiled more recipes. Okay, this was not totally my fault. Sometimes, plans would spontaneously crop up but I do wish that I had compiled recipes more diligently. Instead, I tend to keep having to screenshot the same recipes over and over again whenever I forget how to cook it. Like an old grandma hahaha! Basically, I wish I had things more organised. The upside is, for whatever OCD-ness I may think I have, there is some crazier housewife on Pinterest that has thought up and executed some OCD stuff like cleaning schedules/challenges printables which makes it easier.
  4. To have spent more time with the people and the things that matter. This is somehow related to the rest. I spent time chasing people who I thought our friendship/relationship meant a lot to, but I should have understood that sometimes real life happens. Sometimes, people may not have the time and interest and it may not even be something personal that everyone may be changing. I wish I spent less time brooding about it and always wondering what was wrong or what I could have done instead of accepting it as one of life’s happenings. No bad blood fo shizzle, just a lesson for the future that if something does not feel right, it probably is not. Embrace it and move on.
  5. I wish I enjoyed life a bit more in its present and enjoyed my blessings rather than succumb to anxiety and worry about the future. My anxiety attacks got really bad at one time but thankfully, a friend told me what it was and how to deal with it. God is really kind as he would not burden you beyond what you can bear and if I look back, many things that happened were perfectly timed. Also, am really enjoying this whole bullet journal-ling and doing random colouring/singing with AK.She is at that stage where it is so cool to hang out with her Mama so I better milk it for all it’s worth hahaha!

As challenging as 2016 was, it could have been a lot worse.

Through the challenges, you learn how to grow and each of us have our own pace and set of circumstances. As uncomfortable as it got at some points, I feel blessed that every bit of it happened and for the changes that have happened now. The thing about life is that it is a cycle, there is no one-off happy ending but there are many special moments you may need to strive towards. There is also so much of it to enjoy and hopefully, I will not forget the lessons I have learned in 2016.

Thankfully, I also have some time to digest it all (and clean up the house) before I hit the ground running for the new job mid-January. Some people called me crazy for doing what I did and the decisions made but staying true to what felt right paid off in spades. Your focus determines your reality. *cue Star Wars theme*

My hope for 2017 is to be more consistent and resilient, to be able to not be as easily rattled and to prove my mettle in more than one aspect of life. I also hope to  improve in aspects in which I may be lacking and to finally be much more at ease with myself. Simply because I find that that has a positive impact on the people around me and the relationships I have with them.When I accept and challenge me, I can better accept and help them and we can all grow together. It is easier for you to also understand other people’s struggles when you have your own.

So, here is to 2017. 2018 may stop by in a flash, but I hope you do everything that you can, live life to its fullest in a way that makes it beautiful to look back upon.



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