#musing: DO or DO NOT

In life, we are often given two main choices: DO or DO NOT. Not everything has to be a battle, but there are times when the choice you have to make is clearer than ever: DO or DO NOT.

When you DO, there will be those who may hate you or slander you all over the world. When you do, be prepared for misunderstandings and untruths from those who choose to make whatever perceptions they want of you. Be prepared for haughty looks, silent treatment, sarcastic words and maybe even more hurtful actions. Prepare for strain and turbulence.

When you DO NOT, they have already won. Like it or not, there will always be those who will say whatever they want and do whatever they want because they feel they are always right and you do not count. They will not agree with you and would rather be crushed by boulders before they try and see reason, who choose to live life driven by their own hidden agendas or simply because they got used to living without wanting to struggle.

But at least if you do, you have stood up for the values, the things and the people who matter most to you. You would have made the choice to not just talk, but to walk the talk and your words consistently. Your actions will bring you a higher sense of purpose in life that means more than any of the crap anyone says or does to you.

I know what matters to me most in life and am willing to make the sacrifices needed to persevere and prosper. I don’t expect things to be easy or hide behind excuses or my circumstances when I can always try doing more. I don’t think that something is always wrong with someone/something else instead of myself nor do I hope that one day God automatically drops a huge money tree and everything/everyone I want in life onto my lap.

Do you?13658910_213461769049682_3022486065595740475_n


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