#rant: Men in the form of idiots

Was grocery shopping for Raya over the weekend and there was this lady with her toddler in the trolley who accidentally bumped into a guy’s feet. She was quick to say sorry but the guy started a tirade on her for the whole world to see.

“Next time look where you are going! Don’t you know how to push the trolley? Open your eyes!” The poor woman looked like she felt so small afterwards as she made her way away.

How would you feel if someone shouted at you and your toddler in front of everyone like that for an honest mistake? Just watching it, my blood boiled and I had half the mind to ram into his legs with my own trolley. If her husband was there, would you have had the courage to do the same thing?

You talk about the quality of society deteriorating, that women do not stand up for themselves but what gives you, a guy who is supposed to observe his fast and nafs during Ramadhan, the right to lord over someone else, what more in front of her child? What impression does that leave on her mother? Because of people like you, some women overcompensate for what they do and feel guilty every day because idiots like you make them feel like they deserve such shoutings for simply honest mistakes.

Guys like you deserve a wake up call. Had you come across another mama tiger (like me) on a bad day, that would have been dished to you in spades. Don’t talk about how others should improve with your air of self-righteousness when you should be taking a good hard look at yourself.


2 thoughts on “#rant: Men in the form of idiots

  1. I so wish people to learn good manners , as they are dearer to our prophet and Allah loves being kind to His people. I feel bad for poor woman but I am sure the guy will bump into someone better someday and he will learn his lesson !

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