If I Could Just Go Back For One Day

so true.

just saying mum

We’ve been reminiscing a lot lately. Not sure why, other than my husband has set up an Instagram account purely to embarrass the children. So, photograph after photograph on when they were small keep appearing on my feed. It’s beautiful, really, and such a delight to see my three pop up when I’m least expecting, but not as they are now … as babies, as toddlers and it literally makes me cry every time!

So, why the tears? Why not smiles or joy? Because, if I’m really honest with myself, I’ve forgotten so much about when they were young. Oh don’t get me wrong … I remember just how bloody infuriating it could be … I remember the sleepless nights, the overwhelming tiredness, the physical and mental drain of balancing  three children and a career but I’ve forgotten ‘Them’ and who ‘They’ used to be. The featured photo on this post…

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