#musing: just you and me

To where shall we go? Just you and me.

I have thoughts and dreams, I leave my fears covered. Like a weary traveler, I have journeyed and pushed through but now I have you. My hopes and dreams, you have seen but not all of my fears are uncovered. Yet you held my hand, you somehow understand what is still unsaid.

Now we have traveled, we are yet to go far, but to where shall we go? Just you and me.

I see your distaste, the disgust in your eyes, the snippets of anger that roar from your insides. Yet you hold yourself back, you always have. You remain an angel with your own dark past. I do not fear you, I still hold you close, I understand what will be left unsaid.

We are who we are now, we have both made changes. We have both aged, betrayed by our tired eyes and worn out smiles yet we have each other through the banalities of life.

Laced in the humdrum, underneath the mundaneness, our inner selves burn strong. Waiting to pounce out, wavering and teetering as we go closer to the edge. There is a dance to the tune, as faint as a whisper, of patience and perseverance we always come back to.

Perhaps when we first met, perhaps when we first loved, we saw each other for what we were.

Much is still uncharted, we still have no plan.

But to where shall we go? Just you and me.


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