#AK:16 months in

It has been a long time since I have blogged about motherhood. Funnily enough, I was thinking about how I have not been blogging recipes but as I scrolled through, I was a bit taken aback by how many blog posts of recipes I have published thus far. My aim with this blog is to share about cooking, life experiences and also motherhood and today, since I am a bit more free, looks like I will be blogging about all three.

It is nearing about 3 months since we have been living in our new place and there is new life to the meaning of “There is no place like home.” We do not have a maid or household help, so I do the cooking, some cleaning and also the laundry. Thank goodness my husband is not a chauvinistic self-entitled guy and he helps with ironing and cleaning too. It is quite satisfying to know that you cleaned your own place and it looks stellar because of your efforts but it definitely took some adjustments. Might try some DIY projects soon to spice things up at home.

Being a working mum takes a whole lot of balancing. There is cooking AK’s meals for kindie, the cooking and cleaning in general to being AK’s driver and work commitments. It is just amazing that women could have more than one child at a time, very frankly. Like, where is the time?? I am grateful I have friends who understand my circumstances (like when I do not see them for months, they trust that I have not forgotten their names) and that once in a while, Mr Grumpy makes sure I have off days where I am out of the house. He tells me not to stay at home in case I start doing chores and forget that there is a sun outside.

For one, in my childhood, I was used to having laundry done for me and my room would be like a war zone. I’d only get threatened about once a month to clean it up and my punishment would be not being able to go out until my room had some semblance to normal living conditions. I’d stuff things into drawers and the closet, which of course meant whoever who opened the closet would have piles of clothes drowning him/her at their own risk. I used to be very lazy and when we were first married, Mr Grumpy used to lecture me (in his very diplomatic way) of helping out around the house since I would pretty much be laying on the couch like a whale watching TV from the time he leaves for work till he came home. (Darker times, I tell you.)

It is when you become a parent, you realise you cannot get away with some of these old childhood habits anymore. AK likes to put things in her mouth and God forbid if she were to put a dustball or be drowned in clothes when she opens closet doors. She likes to hold anything and everything so we also have to be careful about power or plug points and hot water. I have now officially become more hardworking and conscientious too hahaha.

When I cook, I like to play Mother Goose Club for her on the TV and she has already grasped the meaning of YouTube as well as a toddler can. When the icon is splayed on the TV, she giggles and says “Wow!” like she knows the fun is coming along. Then you will see her exercising as she tries to mimic how the people on the bus go up and down/ the wheels of the bus go round and round. It served as so much more of a distraction than now though, because when I am in the back kitchen cooking, someone likes to reach out with her tiny fingers and play with the stove knobs or just hang like a monkey on my leg cooing and laughing. Playing with the stove knobs is a total no-no and when I make hand gestures and shoo her away, she will grab some spices or even garlic from the kitchen trolley and make it rain in the living room.

Man, there is a thin line between letting your kids practice their creativity and learn about the world along with trying to make them understand what they should or should not do. There is also the bit where you have to bite your lips from screaming when they mess things up especially when you have literally JUST cleaned it. But, where is the point in screaming and shouting to a little girl who does not understand? I’ve taken to handing her tissues to wipe up spills after she has had her glorious fun with her water bottle and it is a lot less stressful for the both of us. She appears to like helping out and knows how to put things back when you tell her to. You only have to deal with the days where she pretends not to understand what you mean, the cheeky girl.

After I pick her up after work, we generally stay in the car for about 30 to 45 minutes for the ride home and a new thing now is pronouncing words to her like “shoes, flowers, ball,etc”. She now knows how to say some words but let’s say I say shoes a couple of times, she just laughs her head off. At me. It is kind of cute that when she does not know how to say some words, she insists its said in her gibberish language and laughs when you say otherwise.

Thankfully, she is enjoying herself at kindie and MasyaAllah really developing. I went to see some other kindies and boy, one of them was like a jail with the bars and everything! Comparatively, I am happy that at her kindie now she has water play days, gets allowed to play outside and they have small animals like rabbits and geese the children can also get acquainted with.


She also knows how to hold a pencil now! It is so cute hahaha


She really is growing up. So fast. Now, she insists on feeding herself (or at least holding on to the spoon) and gets a bit agitated when you try to help her. One of the more obvious times was when we went to my friend’s kid’s birthday party and she insisted on making bubbles herself.



It is bittersweet honestly. They are your babies and you help them learn about the world and eventually, they need less and less of your help with things. IT’S SO SADDDDDD! I have to mentally attune myself day by day when she gets more independent. What I did was bring her to the bouncy castle and she was overwhelmed and clung to me. Bonus for me since I felt needed again hahahaha! But in all seriousness, I have to find other ways to adjust and cope (crying in a corner in the toilet does not sit well with me) so that I do not become an overbearing mother. She is becoming exactly how I want her to be: independent, strong and brave. I love how she likes to learn about new things too.

Oh motherhood, what a journey you truly are.



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