#ak: 16 months

I love reading posts by other mummies about their kids growing up. I suppose when you write and want to share so much about your child, simply because you are utterly in love with them, there always will be the haters who are like “Does she think she is the only one in the world with kids? What makes her think her kid is so special?” However, I have very thick skin and to these haters, feel free to type another website link into that little bar of your web browser and continue drowning in your year-long grouchy Grinch vibe. Leave us mummies be. 😀

Honestly though, I get so thrilled to read such blog posts and that feeling of being excited and happy for someone else as they watch their child show some sass or enter a new phase is really like a happy drug. I am not alone in wanting to record every single detail about my daughter (okay, not literally every detail since I still want to cook and watch tv) and I am not the only one excited in watching AK grow up.

When she was 4 months old, I was counting seconds to the time she would reach 6 months. I figured then she would start trying to walk, eat solids but now that that milestone has come and gone, I wish time would not fly by so fast. She is now 16 months (how did this even happen??) and I had a moment when I was shopping for her clothes when Mr Grumpy was giving me a funny look as my hands were laden with clothes.

And then he said “Why are you picking out 5 month old clothes? Your daughter is now 8 months old!”. Maybe inside he was also thinking “Oh my goodness woman, what is wrong with you? Not keeping track of your daughter’s age” but he was obviously too polite to say that out loud. Good on you, husband.

Now that she is 16 months old, her teeth are slowly popping out to see the world, she runs everywhere squeaking as she goes and she loves her Mother Goose Club. Her personality is coming to show more and boy, this little girl has sass. When I try to get her to say flower she says “Wawer” and when I try again she screams “WAWERRRRRR!!” like “Okay Mama I have said Flower, we are DONE with this word!”. She normally wins these arguments.

There are also certain parts to her that make my heart melt. Like how she is loving and generous and offers her toys to other kids (even when on occasion, they throw them at her in their little fits. The mama tiger in me felt like throwing it back at the kids but I have learnt to accept they don’t mean badly and AK can fight her own battles too. She actually has become quite a little gangster.) and how she likes to cuddle when she is unwell and how she insists we all sleep together at around the same time. She is also super friendly when we are around and goes about making friends in trains and in shops, she is a natural explorer.

As her Mama, I am truly blessed because this is exactly how I want her to be in the sense that I want to nurture her curiosity and keenness to learn. I want her to be independent yet know we are always there for her, that she always has our arms to come back to. Of course she has her little tantrums or moods where she pretends not to know what you have asked her to do but every time we ask her for kisses, she puckers and plonks one right on your cheeks or lips and will follow you and check up on what you are doing when we are at home.

I never would have guessed that I would love motherhood as much as I do. Going to work, picking her up, coming back and cooking and sorting her out can seem like a mundane daily routine but every day has been different in its way. It was hard to balance at first but once you get used to the routine, it actually helps you manage and prioritise better. Phew! I can tell Mr Grumpy likes being a Papa too and loves being around AK too. #blessed

Nothing beats knowing your child is comfortable and well fed as she rolls herself on the carpet with her teddy bear in hand, lulling herself to sleep. She has the best parts of us.

Sometimes we try sneaking away for a movie date for a break but funnily enough, right after the movie, we rush back to spend time with her. I think we sometimes miss her more than she misses us! She brings such colour to our lives with her cheeky responses and laughs!


There are already questions about when we would want a second one. I don’t know but I wish I could ask time to slow down a bit yet am glad that every bit of the journey is as interesting as it is.