Aquaria with Arya Kim

AK’s 1st time at Aquaria, KLCC

Flight of Famsy

Last Saturday, I received a suspicious text from my colleague Alia asking me about my plans for the day. Recovering from my exhaustion from the day before (read: not getting enough sleep because I had way too many cups of coffee followed by a session with my personal trainer after work), I told her I was debating with myself on a time to hit the gym.

That was when she ‘helped’ me decide by suggesting a time to go and casually invited me to go to Aquaria with her and her daughter, Arya (who I think, still doesn’t like me). So, I got the tickets and skipped gym (ha!)

It was the second time meeting cheeky little Arya Kim. At one point, Alia went to her car to get Arya’s stroller. When she saw her mother leaving us, Arya yanked her hand from my grasp and started running after her…

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