If curious about the malay confinement/pantang, this is good and well-written information. Her views, I agree with and went through the process with the same mindset! ❤


Traditionally, it’s 44 days of confinement, minimum. I’m only on day 26.

Day 26!

Have I cheated the conditions one is supposed to undergo during her confinement period? Maybe…it depends…I guess 🙃

Many (i.e. the old timers) would say that I’m taking the wrong approach to my berpantang period. “Normaltraditional Malay confinement practices involves a lot of lying down with ankles/knees bound, keeping warm (socks and sweaters at all times), post natal traditional herbal massages, restrictions on a lot of the normal foods and drink we consume (prohibition against anything cold and anything which may make you gassy) and several other aesthetic restrictions (turmeric paste on forehead, hair up in a high bun with a 6 inch nail through it), all in the name of wanting to prevent angin(wind) from entering the body.

Classic explanation is – “you won’t feel the consequences of not following…

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