#recipe: durian butter cake

I’ve only tried baking from scratch once in my life and that was for AK’s first birthday. We had some leftover durian and Mr Grumpy did not like how it was “stinking” up the fridge, so decided to try and make a durian butter cake!

It was actually not that difficult but you just have to be sure to not over-beat the mixture before sticking it in the oven. AK was ill so I was at home taking care of her and decided to take advantage of the time once she was completely engrossed with Mother Goose Club on tv. That girl is a die-hard hardcore Mother Goose Club fan, she does not enjoy the other nursery rhymes by other “clubs” or whatnot as much.

Anyway, the recipe called for butter and sugar to be beaten together first, then you add an egg at a time. Then you beat in the durian pulps and using a spatula, put the flour and milk in in stages. The recipe called for 350 grams of durian but I used 300 grams and also skipped the vanilla extract. The verdict: the cake was sweet to taste, but not overwhelmingly sweet. JUST HOW I LOVE IT!


The heavenly goodness baking away

Additionally, the recipe called for 40 to 45 minutes but I am pretty sure the cake was in there for 1 hour or 1 hour and 15 minutes. Maybe it had to do with the oven setting or the fact that I used a glass instead of metal pan. What was important was to just stick a skewer (or in my case, a chopstick) in and see if it comes out clean. If it does, it’s ready.


Looks like there is a smiley,right? Because I poked it twice with the chopstick >.<

The thing with durian that people mostly complain about is its heatiness, smell and taste (yeah, why do I bother eating it right? More so loving it) but when the cake bakes, that “off-putting” smell gets laced with the butter and it really smells amazing, the heatiness is simply not there anymore and the taste is lovely. I suppose it turned out much better than expected for a first time!

Here is the link I followed: http://www.ellenaguan.com/2012/07/durian-butter-cake.html

Enjoy! 🙂


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