#recipe: sticky beef ribs with honey sauce

My little family and I went to this dim sum restaurant recently and I had their beef ribs with honey sauce. Ohmygoodness, it was so good with the caramelised honey sauce blanketing the ribs and as I licked the sauce off my fingers, I knew I would be remembering its taste for days to come. The only downside was that the service at that restaurant has plummeted. Mr Grumpy is not fond of the waiters (at all) and I think it would be a while until we go there again.

So I had to take matters into my own hands and resolved to find a recipe akin to that plate of heaven. Kudos again to Pinterest, I found one! Next was the search for beef ribs. We did not manage to go to the weekly night market, but eventually bought some ribs at NSK for a pretty good price. NSK is THE place to go to when you have a certain budget, more so once I realised ribs were hard to find at the Tesco and Aeon outlets we went to that week.

Anyway, the recipe was also straightforward and given that I was using double the quantity of ribs, decided to double the quantities of the other ingredients too. Except I used 5 instead of 6 cups of cold water.

Based on the recipe, you first brown the meat in a wok and then you add the mixture of honey +soy sauce+ water + oil and bring to a boil. It will look like this:


Then, you just stir it at intervals until the water starts evaporating. Towards the end, it should look like this:


Once the sauce is thick enough, turn the fire off and take the ribs out. If you leave it for too long, your sauce and ribs might burn.

Here is your finished product:


Fabulously simple in about 20 minutes.

Here is the link to the recipe: http://jeanetteshealthyliving.com/my-dads-chinese-sticky-honey-spareribs-recipe/

Next time I try this recipe, I will try to get smaller pieces of spare ribs since these ribs had huge bones. Also, I may try putting some oyster sauce in but will let you know how that turns out if I do.


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