AK’s 1st day at Kindie

People always have different thoughts about when you should send your kid to kindie. I remember when Mr Grumpy and I were first toying with the idea, we got reactions like:

“Kesian her… the poor thing”, “But why? If it’s because of your job, quit!”, “Get a maid”

In the real world today, it is difficult for many families to survive on a single income and btw, hello… it ain’t cheap sending your kid to kindie. There also is the notsocomforting reality of things possibly going wrong at the kindie if you read the news nowadays, but after thinking it through and examining the options, we felt it was best for her. Maids nowadays are also not that viable an option like before, considering how their processing fee itself can cost you about 10 grand.

Thanks to Dr Google, I found a place with hands on teachers, bright colorful walls and toys, and CCTVs. Yes, you can now log into an app and stalk your child and have your mind at ease wherever you are! Mr Grumpy is also able to check in on her so we have this stalker collaboration thing going on. Alhamdulillah honestly that we were able to get a kindie which does not cost an arm and a leg yet has the proper facilities in place to give parents that reassurance.

I get to drop her in the mornings and pick her up after work. My baby girl is one tough cookie and if she does not like something, she is likely to smack someone or squeak about it. She is also pretty friendly so, I figured that on her first day, she would not have to adjust so much.

Boy, was I wrong!

It’s like she knew what was going to happen.

Firstly, she looked about confused and the moment I was not in her line of sight, she showed us how healthy her lungs were! Her fellow tiny kindie mate tried hugging her and AK flipped that she got too close too fast and okay, honestly, I wanted to laugh because it was so cute!


(Notice her fists?)

I tried staying for a while until she got more used to her surroundings but admittedly, when I snuck out like a criminal (so that she would not see me and freak out), my heart broke a little. It’s true what they say: your child’s happiness and sadness is shared with you and I almost turned back to pick her up because I felt so guilty.

Once I reached the office, I logged into the app and saw her being consoled by the teacher. After a while, she was fine of course but I even messaged Mr Grumpy telling him of my guilty feelings and how I felt somewhat inadequate. Mr Grumpy comforted me and I know he also stalked her a lot that day. Heck, he even surprised her and popped up there the next day before her and my hours were over. We are very blessed for him.

I’m not sure if it is the case with every parent, but we always want to provide AK with the best of what we can and for any pain or whatnot she may go through, we often wish we could feel it so she would be spared of it. My baby girl is growing up so fast and being a working mother, sometimes there are days I wish I could spend more time with her. I remember rushing there once my work hours finished on the dot and felt a surge of love and relief to see how happy she was to see and run towards me.

No, sayang, mummy was not leaving you there forever! (though you are coming back tomorrow)

The teachers were so understanding and accommodating too as they sent me pictures on her first day and gave a full update when I picked her up. The thing with AK is she is well-mannered and sweet. During my stalking episode, I saw how she tried offering her toy phone to the other kids as her friendship gesture and it again made my heart crack a little considering how she clutched on to it before that to give herself some comfort.

After a few days, it turns out mummy had not needed to worry as much as she did. My baby girl has been referred to now as a thug in kindie (haha!) as she runs about and tries her luck in trying to taste other kids’ foods and having one or two teachers as the ones she clings to when she feels off. She is already involved in a power struggle with one of her older kindie mates.


It was a mix of feelings: happiness, sadness, excitement but one of the stronger feelings I felt for her was pride. She is so young yet she was flexible enough to adjust and try and that feeling became stronger when Mr Grumpy and I left her today and she was waving goodbye to us. It’s barely been a week my dear baby, but you are truly one strong cookie.


We love you very much, our little lady boss. 🙂


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