Moving Forward

So yes, it has been a while since I have blogged but in my defense, it has truly been a brutal month or so. Firstly, work deadlines have been crazy and we know how much “fun” it is when you have to coordinate a whole bunch of people with different schedules. I have been a bit short-handed which I suppose contributed to stress and my inevitably falling ill recently.

Which in itself was a bit of a scare because I thought it was dengue. My fever was high yet I had the chills and aches but Alhamdulillah when I went to the doctor and had a blood test done, it turned out to just be a bad fever. After a day of bed rest, I was back at work running about like a hamster, drugged up with meds.

Another new thing that has happened is Mr Grumpy, AK and I have moved! Yes, it took a while with the renovations and packing our stuff but am really thankful for the help we have had. Doing things become somewhat slower with a toddler in your midst because you may be too busy chasing after her to not touch stuff.

When we first began our “creative” process, I thought that Mr Grumpy and I were on the same page. We wanted a look that was comfortable yet not cluttered, but wow ladies and gentlemen, this is where your communication game needs to really be on point! I wanted the place drowned in bright colors whereas Mr Grumpy liked a more rustic and unfinished sort of look (very masculine) and we realised how we both wanted different things when we were pointing and squabbling over catalogs of paint colours and floor textures.

One of our friends pointed out that Mr Grumpy would not be able to live in a bright coloured place, which is kind of true since he may get headaches and also I was worried that if the place looked too rustic, people would think we did not bother doing the place properly. You know if the old ladies or mak ciks came over, they may not understand and start offering you money. =.=’

However, thanks to Dr Google and Dr Pinterest, we found a compromise: the Scandinavian look!

Say what? You might ask… it’s actually like the IKEA concept of bright spaces, minimal clutter with features of white, black and wood. So, if you were to search, these are the sort of pictures you may come across:

Pretty, right? Once we had that concept in mind, it became easier to start planning what we wanted in the house etc. I will not show the “before” pictures of the place simply because it still angers me when I see how the past renters treated (or rather wrecked) the place but after renovations, this was what our space started to look like:

It was great seeing our ideas become a reality and the black walls are chalkboard painted so that people can scribble on it and for AK, there are only 2 walls in the house she can practice her creativity on! Am so glad that the both of us LOVE this look.

We spray painted some old furniture we had to add that pop of colour. Okayyy I thought it’d be like light brown or gold, but bam! Yellow it is hahaha so it mayyy somewhat remind you of Ben’s restaurant. At least it makes the place look bright and somewhat funky and I am glad it is AK’s favourite colour hahaha

We also just installed the kitchen cabinets (yet to fix the doors) but I have to say, I am stoked about this bit because it was my first time measuring the dimensions and planning according to budget and then writing down the IKEA lists after spending time on their online catalog.


We managed to get good deals on the lights and got these spider lights for the main area:


If you want to do your place up, I would suggest to keep shopping for contractors until you are satisfied with one that can give you quality and value for your money. This is because what you may budget at first WILL go up due to some unforeseen circumstances and you do not want someone who will squeeze and squeeze you unnecessarily for more money. We were blessed because our friend recommended this contractor to us and we were able to already have a sense of the work he has done (by looking at their house haha). So far, I have recommended him to my colleagues and the general feedback is that he is not pushy and adapts to your needs and budgets.

This is especially important when you have not reached “baller” status yet and may be starting out with your partner and little family. Some of the contractors we contacted had CRAZYYY prices for HALF the work, so yes, even if you may be eager or impatient, getting the right contractor will remove a lot of headaches for you. It was important to us that he was consistent and could be trusted since we could not afford to sit down daily and watch them do the work. Our big TV is still with us, haha!

There are still a lot of boxes to unpack but am really happy to have this place we can call our family home. It is quite a bit of commute but they do say home is wherever your heart is. As tiring as it is to wake up early etc, I am happy since I get to cook and Mr Grumpy and I get to do these “house projects” together. There is not a day that goes by where I am not thankful he is hands-on with things and whenever he sees I am tired or sick, he takes really good care of me and I feel like I fall in love with him all over again.

Cheesy much, but this new phase of life is so exciting! AK also seems to love the space and already walks around like a little boss. I couldn’t fully believe it when we moved out but now every day, I look forward to going back to our home. No house warming or doa selamat till everything is presentable and all those boxes are unpacked, but hey we are loving the process. 🙂


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