By Mizi Wahid

An Important Life Lesson

One thing’s for sure, people who draw attention, will draw criticism. Which means when you are criticised, you are not ignored. It also means that somebody must have noticed you, that you were doing something, that you were making a difference, and that you attracted enough attention that they started talking about you.

Don’t run from them talking about you – they noticed you, and recognised you. So if you are drawing attention, get ready to draw criticism too. You can’t separate the two, they come together.

And the only way to completely avoid criticism is to do nothing, and then eventually be ignored. The question now is, how many of you are going to do something meaningful in your life? Because the moment you say, “Me. I want to make a difference.” I can guarantee you that somebody’s not going to agree with what you want to do. As quickly as the first “like” that you will receive, there is another “dislike” just around the corner.

And along the way you will find some people who are not going to be supportive with what you want to do, and somebody who’s going to try to nullify the thing that you’re trying to do. And so you’re going to need the commitment, and the calling, and the tenacity, and the character to be able to withstand the onslaught that comes against you, in order to proceed valiantly towards your purpose.

You would think – as many foolishly have thought – that if you were truly a good person, and that you were really just trying to do a good thing for the world, or a positive thing in the community, or in your family, that you would be supported and validated by everybody.

But look at what all the great men and women of history have taught us. Look at what they had achieved. But more importantly, look at what they had to endure along the way. And because of this, I am surprised at the people I see today, who easily allow criticism to shut down their dreams, assassinate their spirit, and give up on their life’s calling. All because they didn’t receive the validation and support from everybody around them.

Acknowledge that there are 7 billion people on this planet. There’s bound to be somebody who will disagree with what you have to say. So stand up for what you believe in. Be ready for the naysayers. And keep on persevering with faith.