#randomthoughts : AK’s 1st

I doubt I would ever be cut out to be a regular blogger but anyway I have been following Jeffrey Archer’s “Clifton Chronicles” and he really writes fantastically in the sense that once you pick the book up, you cannot put it down. If you did, your mind would always be wondering “What’s next? What’s next?” Amazing stuff and thank goodness the next book is out in February.

Which is also AK’s 1st birthday; my baby girl will be one!


Definitely a treasure and through parenthood, you learn a lot of lessons. I know there is a long way more to go and no human beings are perfect, but AK has really been inspiring in her own ways to motivate me to be and do better. Not to be self-righteous or have a better-than-thou attitude but to be cautious with everything I do and make sure I give it my best so that Mr Grumpy and I can give her our best during the time we may have in this world.

I’m sure every parent would want their kid(s) to be successful and to aim high in life, but I hope that AK never gets totally lost or carried away with it all. May she always be humble yet passionate in improving not only herself but in having a positive impact upon those around her. She is strong and a natural charmer and boy, she has determination.

I foresee many negotiations we may need to have with her and inside, I hope that she will have a strong sense of self and we all will always be close as a family. It’s important to provide kids with the tools to make decisions, rather than to tell them their decisions.

Cannot believe a whole year has passed by so fast…it’s already Hello 2016 and there will definitely be trying times ahead. My resolution is to have more hope and kinder eyes towards others and life in general; may my temper not often get the best of me hahaha!

Happy New Year everyone!


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