The Journey to Self-Love

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Alia Abdullah


While I was growing up, boys hardly expressed interest in me. At first, that didn’t bother me. I was completely contented with my fun, loving family. They always made me feel secure and protected. I was so comfortable that I didn’t think that anything was missing from my life. When I became a teenager, things started to change. I noticed people around me getting into relationships. My friends were getting roses and chocolates from their boyfriends. I studied literature and was enraptured by the stories of love. I admired girls in popular culture who were able to change bad boys to affectionate, kind and driven guys. I began to believe that love means that you put the happiness of another person first, no matter the circumstances. It baffles me now but I was willing to commit myself to almost anyone who expressed interest in me. I made excuses for everything, even cheating and emotional…

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