I guess people are free to say or think whatever they want to say but in a world that is rapidly progressing as it does and your friends may come and go, I can never think of you without feeling a bit of emptiness inside.

It has been two years yet sometimes the details leading up to the time you left this world seem as clear as though it happened yesterday. I still mourn sometimes when I remember how we were like siblings always playing pranks, gossiping or getting ourselves into trouble but at the same time, we knew we had each other’s backs. I could not have asked or have been blessed with a better friend during those years when I was undergoing  metamorphosis.

You were always a good person and regardless of our different beliefs or backgrounds, you never made use of our friendship and were always supportive of trying to make sure I achieve the good things in life. You taught me to not always be sooo judgmental or petty, and exhibited it through your actions with others. You always had a good heart despite the circumstances you were handed and in that, you were strong. Stronger than I was and a lot of people.

And now that I have gotten a bit more sorted, now that I have a daughter with the love of my life, I still wish sometimes you could have met him, I think you would have loved him and AK. I still wish sometimes you were here if only so I could have seen you go through the same things and become the pilot you always wanted to be.

I believe you were too big for this world and through your struggles, God felt you had gained all the lessons you needed and to take you to be by His side. Hopefully, one day, we will meet again and we can catch up on everything. Missing you always my best friend, until that time comes.


“Your best friend is the person who not only knows all the important stories and events in your life, but has lived through them with you.” – Irene S. Levine



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