#fridaythoughts: Boxing

So, it has been a while since I have engaged in any form of physical activity (namely exercise)..a good 2 years to be exact. I used to be quite a bit into fitness, running in college and kickboxing for a solid 10 years or so but admittedly, delayed getting back into the groove of exercise when I met Mr Grumpy and gave birth to Arya (and 10 months of lazing after that).

After months and months of not fully liking the traces of the double chins I saw in the mirror, the way my pants would not fit as nicely as before and quite frankly, ladies telling me I look “healthier”(direct translation from the Malay word for SIHAT, which actually means “Hey girl, you’ve put on weight”), I figured maybe it’s time I do something about it.

I have always liked kickboxing and boxing in general and my brother and sister in law go to this place in Solaris Dutamas, Klinch MMA. Yes, MMA as in mixed martial arts.

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AJ gave me the number of a trainer, Mr C there so I decided to dip my toes into the water yesterday by just enquiring about the rates etc.  I mentioned that I may prefer morning sessions before work when Mr C was like “Great, see you tomorrow at 6am!”

Omg, what just happened?

But yes, it was pretty much confirmed after I checked whether it was alright with Mr Grumpy and decided to pack some clothes the night before. Somehow and through the will of God (cos am sure it was not just my own), I made it there at 6am today!

A very important lesson I have learned after that session is NEVER and I mean NEVER put off exercising for so long EVER AGAIN. What a way to jump-start my whole exercising again, the session was pretty intense. First, you skip then you box and maybe kick a bit, then push ups then sit ups and basically repeat it all until it becomes a big blur. I actually got a bit dizzy and Mr C said it’s proof of my lack of exercises(he probably meant laziness, but was being nice. Don’t get me wrong, I was not on the verge of fainting, just a bit woozy)

As tired as you would get at some bits, the idea is to keep pushing yourself and it helped Mr C made sure I would hit those sets and have my technique right. He basically did not take excuses (which I tried to make hahaha) and gave me more than enough breaks which really made me think about my level of fitness (which appears to be non-existent at this point of time…). Because he really pushes you, I don’t think I will be getting as many breaks for the next sessions…

As a whole too, I am very happy I went. My muscles may be screaming for now, I may look like a zombie before the end of today but the adrenaline and the kind of mental strength you gain from it was definitely worth it. I felt so great afterwards, like not dying during the session. Just kidding, but it definitely felt like an achievement because it has been a while since I have felt alive in that sense and really driven to push myself even when I felt like I could not do one more push up/sit up/freaking kick.

I would definitely like to go again if I can figure out my schedule such as the commute from our new place or if I go after work etc. Think it is important for you to keep going with the sport(s) you may like so you can push yourself at something you love. They have different types of classes too so you can check them out at https://www.facebook.com/klinchmmamalaysia