#food: Salted Egg Yolk Crab Recipe

Sometimes I get these major crab cravings and they just do not go away! They can go for weeks on end and we tend to procrastinate and think “It’s okay, I can go to the seafood restaurant tomorrow…”. We went to The H in Desa Sri Hartamas, this open air food court and they have grilled seafood and surprisingly really good salted egg yolk crab so I was really disappointed when the tauke kedai was like “Sorry ahh today no crab ah..got sotong!”.

Ordered that, but still, that niggling craving would not go away..

So, we decided to take matters into our own hands. I googled a few recipes and figured it seemed do-able to make our own! After work last night, I picked Mr Grumpy up and off we went to Ben’s Grocer at Publika


(because I could not think of anywhere else that sells crabs at that time) and there they were, the meat/mud crabs waiting for us.

I was super excited until… I saw them move!

They were aliiiiive! I squeaked to Mr Grumpy, “We have to kill them? How do we kill them??” but thankfully, the guy asked us if we would like them to chop the crabs up. It was a bit disturbing to see the crabs twitch for a while (you know, rigor mortis and all) and then being wrapped up in plastic but once we got home, I ran water on the crabs for a bit and they were very much unmoving by then…so sorry, crabs but there was no more guilt for this girl. The show must go on!

It actually was a lot simpler than we expected it to be and it always is fun to cook with Mr Grumpy since it is very much quality time together and we can really explore the different tastes and techniques for food and compare when we eat outside. By comparison, it is cheaper to make them at home since the 2 raw (previously alive) crabs were RM70 and the other staple ingredients could be about RM10-30 (depending on where you buy them). We bought the meat/mud crabs because they are meatier (and yummier). The recipe is as follows and I got the original recipe from Pinterest, this is our modified one.

2 fresh mud/meat crabs
1 small bowl of tapioca flour
Cooking oil
4 salted eggs (we used duck eggs)
6 bird’s eyes chillies, chopped
3 stalks curry leaves
Salt, sugar
A quarter to a half can of evaporated milk

  1. Clean the crabs and cut them into 4 pieces each. Bash them a little so the shell cracks and makes for easier cooking.
  2.  Boil the salted eggs for 10 minutes, then separate the yolks and mash them up.
  3. Pat the crabs dry and coat with tapioca flour (make sure it is not a thick coat).
  4. Ensure the oil in a pan is hot and then fry the crabs until they are cooked and then set aside.
  5. Melt butter in a wok, add the curry leaves and chillies and stir until aromatic. At this point, I added half of the egg yolks and you will find a frothy golden mixture as you keep stirring.
  6. I then added a bit of the evaporated milk and then added the rest of the egg yolks. Season with salt and sugar at this bit (you can add pepper if you like) and then add the fried crabs in.
  7. Mix and serve!

This was our end result!


For a first attempt, it was yummy and definitely satisfied the crab cravings. It also got good reviews which is great hahaha

I think an important part was the cooking of the crab because you would not want them to be too dry as a result of overcooking. Considering it was the first time cooking this sort of crab, we would definitely use this recipe again and maybe try other recipes like maybe sweet and sour or whatnot. #cookinggoals haha

It actually is kind of like the chinese style butter chicken recipe we cook quite often; you just have to add the salted egg yolks. Some recipes recommend condensed milk but I did not want it too thick or sweet hence the evaporated milk. If you season it well, it will be good. It took us about 20 minutes in total to prepare, so not a bad recipe at all! Maybe you would like to try it and let me know how it pans out for you. 🙂