We only know what we think we know: Part 1

It’s the final countdown!

About 8 months now and as THE DAY creeps closer, it is no surprise that I have been feeling more anxious. Half of me wonders how it would go, how AK may look like, her size etc and the other half is somewhat excited like ”I do not care about the pain! I want her to appear NOW!”. This especially gung ho attitude tends to pop up whenever I feel like I have been socked in the stomach while I try to get up or wake up at 3am due to kicks or hunger pangs (yes, hello again to those times!).

For first-time parents, let me just say that while you should be aiming for an easy relationship with your gynecologist, it is also important to have a good rapport with him/her. I should not have confused their relaxed attitude with complacency as I was quite disappointed by how my gynecologist and staff could just say ”bye bye” and go on holiday without prior notice or providing alternative arrangements and went to see another gynecologist at a different hospital….

I got even more upset.

I found out that there were tests we could have done in 5 months or so. No doubt it was probably not sooo necessary and I am lucky that so far, my pregnancy has been smooth but I was a bit disappointed because how are first time parents supposed to know these things?? I mean these specialists should be a bit more forthcoming about these things instead of maybe just trying to rack up their number of patients. I went to see two other gynecologists and it irritates me to know that just from those two appointments alone, I learned more than from the many appointments I had with the first one.

Additionally, I never knew that there are different methods of pain relief available for labor. I learned today that there is the gas (I think it’s ”laughing gas”) that can take away about 20% of the pain and there is also this drug you can inject into your bum (akin to opium) that can take away about 40% of the pain. Then, there is the epidural which takes away A LOT of the pain. We managed to ask about the side effects and things like why people are averse to epidurals, for example. What I concluded is that with the epidural, it depends who is administering it and also the position (lying down/on your side) you are in during the time it is in your system that dictates the back pain you will feel later.

See, it is nice to know you have options right? Knowledge is power bebeh!

He also explained about natural delivery and c-sections. The general view is that C-sections may be something you want to avoid and he said that while it is good to opt for natural delivery, there are instances where C-sections are better for you and the baby. He used a basketball analogy to my amusement…

Him: ”You see, giving birth is like basketball…Sometimes the hoop and net may be too small so you cannot force the ball in…You would not want the ball to burst! So…in such cases, it probably is better to use another method”

It made sense perfectly and no direct terms were needed 😀 Think Mr Grumpy also feels more comfortable with more information provided by the gynecologist so bye bye to the previous one!

On a side note, we are putting the last touches to prepare for AK’s coming, like assembling her cot. 10888754_689327857833197_6744024818756554575_n

See how seriously the task is being taken. Wish us luck!


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