32 weeks: Head of Lettuce

8 more weeks, 8 more weeks!

Kind of in between there being a month and a month and a bit left… Eeeks!!

The point where I started to freak out was once it became less than 10 weeks (no more double digits yo!). AK also has decided to have her own schedule of kicks and I am beginning to think she is a night owl since I am starting to lose sleep. Pre-pregnancy, a bomb could have exploded in close range and I still would not have stirred from sleep, but no more! A girl I know mentioned how she lost sleep towards the end of her pregnancy and with the night feeds, she spent some time crying in the toilet from exhaustion. Cannot say I have not been warned…. sooo I am going to try taking more daytime naps.

I also cannot take myself seriously when I look into the mirror these days. I remind myself of a teletubby (step aside, Po! There’s a new fei poh in town) and it definitely feels like there is some conspiracy with someone pumping my belly with helium whilst I am asleep since it gets bigger day by day. Turns out I did not have to force myself to slow down in the past after all, because nature has decided to do it naturally for me. I now waddle with my added weight and can enjoy a scenic view for a good while.

When I lie down, this is my view…


Even the camera cannot focus on my feet… it seems like a distant horizon.

Honestly though, I am enjoying pregnancy quite a bit.

I used to annoy Mr Grumpy with the questions ”Am I big? Is the belly growing?” and statements like ‘‘I know, I am fat! You are just lying to me!” and also switched between ”Ooh I think I felt a kick!” to ”She’s not kicking! *shakes belly furiously*“… Yes, dear men, women are crazy if you did not already know that. Now, I feel her kicks very much so during the day and night and if anything, it’s as though pregnancy really teaches you to be patient with yourself and is a training ground for you to get to know your body inside out.

Though I get easily hungry and fatigued, the extra sleep and food has also reiterated the importance of taking care of myself. When I used to work, I could go hours and forget to eat if I was concentrating on something. I could also deprive myself of sleep, but then the zits would pop out or I would look more like Morticia Addams with the matching eye bags. It honestly was not healthy, given that I have low blood pressure.

Also, when I go to hospitals now to visit someone who has given birth (trust me, there have been quite a few this year. Think there is a baby boom!), I stare at the baby for a long time. The first time I went, I think my mouth was probably slightly agape since the baby’s mum said I seemed more obsessed by the baby than she was. She said it in a joking tone, but I think she was probably half serious! My SIL also gave birth and I have another niece! I also had someone else to stare at instead… she was sharing a room with this other lady who had also given birth. When the lady fell asleep, I went to look at her baby’s weight and made little comparisons in my head (after getting a scolding from Mr Grumpy for obviously behaving inappropriately). Honestly, these newborn babies I have been seeing and hearing about are big! Have decided to NOT watch birthing videos and scare myself too much…

“Ah, babies! They’re more than just adorable little creatures on whom you can blame your farts.” ― Tina Fey

In other news, my appointments are now on a 2 week basis now instead of monthly and later on would be a weekly affair. I get excited before my appointments since I get to see what Arya is doing, even though it is just for a few seconds. Though, I got this phone call from my doctor’s nurse today:

Nurse: ”Hello Alia…I’m calling from…You have an appointment tomorrow right?”

Me: ”Yes, tomorrow!”

Nurse: ”Sorry yeah, the doctor is away tomorrow till the first week of January so will put you for then k! kthxbye”

Sometimes, it’s hard to not get annoyed with these doctors/nurses. You endure long queues or waiting times and things like these can happen without much remorse or planning on their part. I wonder if she really did not know or just ”forgot” to call before… probably got in the way of her morning tea break sessions because I cannot imagine my doctor (who is well aged like a fine cheese) deciding to go on holiday in the spur of the moment. What if something happens? *knock wood* but you would have to scramble and find a stand in since they did not have the good sense to leave you in someone else’s good hands. It can be very much a ”take it or leave it” attitude that many people feel from these doctors and it’s annoying more so if you have a full schedule.

Positive thoughts though, I am going to another one just for tomorrow. So will still be able to see what my girl is up to muahaha (you cannot run from me!), God willing. And just so I get the most value of it, I shall make sure I help her shake off the morning sleepiness right before I go into the consultation room. 😉


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