The One on Death


Alia Abdullah


When I was young, I remember telling everyone that Cik Jaja’s my favourite uncle. Even then, I knew that we are not supposed to have favourites but you know the human heart. It works in its own way. Cik Jaja was kind and had an infectious laugh. He was extremely generous and always made me feel very comforted and welcome. I was so attached to him that he allowed me to sleep in between him and Aunty Ani during their wedding night! No kidding.

I remember the first time I met him while wearing the hijab. I had been struggling internally with the change that, to me, was pretty drastic. He paused when he saw me. Then, his face broke into one of the most sincere smiles I’d ever seen. He said reassuringly, “Alia, you are very brave.”

I also remember seeing Cik Jaja at Port Dickson. He really wanted everyone to reunite there for a…

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