Recipes – Meat Marinades (Beef and Lamb)


If you were to google online, you would find many many marinade recipes for beef or lamb or seafood. For the BBQ, I had made lamb and beef marinades of different types since my brother wanted a ‘plain’ one and we also had different cuts of meat for the lamb and beef.

In my humble opinion, I would say that it is not really about the amounts of whichever sauce you put in, but rather the fusion of flavors in the end. Some flavors are better with beef than for lamb or vice versa. So, for these recipes, I would just be saying which ingredients I used than their specific quantities. Additionally, it also depends on the amount of meat you are using so you can just mix the marinade in a bowl and taste as you go along (before you pour it on the meat of course, we wouldn’t want food poisoning! My disclaimer right there…)

It is also recommended to marinade the meat for a few hours in a cold environment (not room temperature) prior to grilling for it to taste all that more awesome!

Beef Marinade 1: The ‘Plain’ One

For this one, I used olive oil, salt and pepper which is the base of many steak marinades, along with the ever faithful Worcestershire sauce. You can add lemon, parsley flakes, thyme and some smashed garlic if you like.

Beef Marinade 2: The ‘Zesty’ One

For this one, I used olive oil, balsamic vinegar (for that tangy taste), some soya sauce, HP BBQ sauce, salt and pepper. It actually tasted a bit sweet with a bit of zest, so try it out!

Lamb Marinade 1: The ‘Eastern’ One

Cumin, parsley, a squeeze of lime and some olive oil were used for this one. I also used a bit of garam masala powder (very little, that stuff is potent!) and it had this Arabic/Indian taste to it. Would say it goes suitably with lamb, what do you think?

Lamb Marinade 2: The ‘Minty’ One

A frequent complaint of lamb (aside from general heatiness upon consumption) is of the way it smells after it is cooked. Some people can get pretty perplexed by it so I found this to be helpful since often lamb is eaten with mint sauce. I used mint leaves, honey, olive oil, salt and pepper for this marinade with a little bit of soy sauce.

Lamb Marinade 3: The ‘Korean Ribs’ One

My brother and dad are fans of the sweet Korean flavor of ribs (so am I!) and since one of the meat cuts we bought were the ribs parts, decided to try this recipe. Note: when you go to the wet market, make sure you go to a butcher who knows what he is doing/ if you can, tell him exactly how you want it cut. Otherwise, you will come home to meat with tiny bits of bones in it which can be annoying to separate before you cook it (guess who that happened to). I got this recipe of Pinterest:

Add 1/2 cup scallions (sliced), soy sauce, brown sugar, grated fresh ginger, smashed garlic and sesame oil.

Verdict: My brother felt it tasted Korean, I thought it definitely tasted sweet and it reminded me slightly of the ”sate/satay” marinade…

For all these beef and lamb cuts, I mixed the ingredients and then put them into zip lock bags with the separate cuts of meats. I also made sure I did not tell my family members what I used as ingredients as first since I wanted to see their feedback haha! Helped me see what flavors worked or not…they seemed happy with the results!


I guess it is also typical to use BBQ sauce or marinades you see in the grocery aisles, but why not try making these ones for a change? I’ve included a few links here and you will find that some are also not quantity specific so it may be fun to practice some flexibility with it. Good luck!


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