Recipe – Mashed Potatoes (Cheese-Free)

Not that this is a ”trying to sound smart” recipe, but more often than not, you stumble upon mashed potatoes recipes with cheese as a vital ingredient. You also have the vegan options with roasted garlic (which is a genius stunner, by the way) and while I love my share of cheese in most food, my mom doesn’t… Since it was her birthday BBQ, I couldn’t sneak cheese into these potatoes so I decided to add SOUR CREAM anddd roasted garlic instead! It really was easy to make and I have included the recipe below:

Ingredients (makes 6 to 7 servings)

8/9 Yellow/Gold potatoes (some recipes say Yukon/whatnot, but as long as its not the brown, dusty ones, I think its okay…also think they advise against that given the dust and it could be a lot starchier)

1 1/2 cups of Sour cream

Salt + Pepper

Milk (optional)

Olive Oil/Butter

1 head of garlic (or 6 cloves with skins still on)


1. Put the peeled potatoes (cut in half) into a pot with water and some coarse salt. Boil till soft, this should take about 20-30 minutes. Drain the water out.

*Some people rinse it, but I would advise against this since the heat helps the mashing become an easier process with a smoother result. Also, there are recipes that advocate the use of a food processor, but there is also the tendency for it to become clumpy. Stick to the good old masher and get someone to help you maybe (I got my trusty kitchen helper haha!)


2. You can roast the garlic in an oven, but since Mr Grumpy and I were pressed for time, we decided to put the garlic cloves on an anti-stick pan for about 3 to 4 minutes and kinda grill/roast them with their skins still on. Peel the skins off the cloves, cut and include when mashing the potatoes.

3. Add the sour cream, olive oil/butter and season with salt and pepper accordingly. It also depends on how you would like the mashed potatoes to taste. Since I was using the sour cream, I decided to use less milk and more of the olive oil instead. We were also careful with how much butter used, so remember to taste as you go along and mix it properly. If you would like it smoother, add more oil/butter/milk.

This was our end result!


It was quite addictive (I lost track of how many servings my dad took!) and went well with the BBQ-ed food. I’d actually really recommend it and am quite likely to make it again…. maybe with a little bit of cheese/mustard, we shall see! 😉


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