of birthdays and DIY: sugar scrubs + countyourblessings boards

The start of November brought with it many a joyous event, i.e. Mr Grumpy and my mum’s birthdays. Remember that semi-hellish trip to Cameron Highlands? Well, that was supposed to be part of the surprise, like celebrating with quality time since there is only a day apart between his and my mum’s birthday. Not only are they both Scorpion babies, but they would be celebrating the big zeroes during the same years.

This year, Mr Grumpy turned 30 and Mummy has touched her fabulous 50s. So this recent weekend, we planned a trip to this Kuang villa homestay near KL and it was really quite nice! We had a BBQ with seafood, chicken, meat (nothing was spared) and will share the recipes for the marinades I made in a later post. I only made the marinades for the beef and lamb, and made mashed potatoes.


Anyway, here are some pictures from our trip. It was a kampung (village-like) homestay, but honestly quite relaxed and it really was nice!

1920320_10152101955166026_287218456_n 1972524_655274771238506_6822583126286970820_n


I decided to make presents too, DIY style… Started off with these sugar scrubs


It was actually quite easy to make! You add about a cup of sugar, 1/2 cup of oil (olive/coconut) and 5 drops of essential oils. You can also use real ingredients like mint leaves and lemon zest, if you like. Some who have tried said it can last for about a week plus and it’s best kept in the fridge. If you would like an idea of how to make them, check out this link:


It’s pretty awesome that you can make such scrubs from kitchen ingredients. πŸ™‚ I had fun decorating the bottles and putting the scrubs in.

Part two of my surprise for Mr Grumpy, my mum and sister were also DIY. Honestly, it was a bit difficult to get them done simply because I was hardly left alone! Kept dodging them for a while…I am also bad at these sorts of surprises, so Mr Grumpy suspected something was up. Anyway, in KL, it is difficult to get photos printed for like an okay price and what more, if you would like the pictures to be a bit special. A friend of mine recommended PhotoBook Malaysia and then there was also Monsta Works recommended.

I LOVE Monsta Works. They were really nice and rushed my orders, plus the pictures came in these cute envelopes.


Like floppy disks!! They also ship internationally so if you would like to check them out (at the risk of sounding like a spambot), here’s the link:Β http://monsta.works/my/

I also scanned Pinterest for ideas and they have this thing called the ”Count Your Blessings” board. I decided to modify it yet make it personal for my special ones. You can use cork boards, wooden frames and it’s pretty cool how much you can do with just some fabric tape and a Sharpie marker. I also used twine and some fancy wrapping paper to jazz the designs up and really liked the results. They looked like follows:

64380_664735713625745_8019637563720066799_n 10520422_664735840292399_2659592861691833210_n 10686869_664735770292406_3265725880221352049_n

Honestly, they were quite fun to do… and it definitely felt a bit more personalized than to have bought gifts for them. I hope they love it πŸ˜€ It’s been a longgg time since I have done such DIY, but it sure felt good. I’d suggest it as something therapeutic, to let yourself go and embed yourself within making something different from something conventional. It’s also a bonus to bring some happiness or feel-good emotions for others who would appreciate that you put in some extra effort for them. You never know till you try.

β€œThe worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” ― Sylvia Plath


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