The land of strawberries

Remember how I mentioned that Mr Grumpy and I were going for a short getaway? Think the last time we were there was when we were kids and previously, I had thought of going to other places as they have some villas etc out of town. However, all these places were/are booked for the next month or so. Which is how we decided to go to Cameron Highlands, the land of tea and strawberries!


It’s about a 3 hour drive from KL and a huge portion is your going up the hill. It also depends on the traffic but at least it’s a scenic route with lots of trees and cool winds. You can stop by the waterfall, the handicraft stalls or even the stalls that sell vegetables and fruits on the way up. Once we were up the mountain, we headed to Tanah Rata, where our hotel was located.


Let me just start by saying beware what you read online! This hotel was called Planter’s Country Hotel on the website I booked it on…It said previously was known as ”Bala’s Chalet” but this was confusing as when we were there, you see Bala’s name in all its glory on the entrance. Moreover, they said they have changed their name since January…okayyy.  The place was really pretty though… it had  that European feel to it and I was feeling optimistic…


Till we got to the room.

It definitely had a rustic feel to it, but feel like the room did not have enough lighting. While I understand Cameron Highlands is cold etc, there was no air-cond or fan in the room (sparse ventilation) and neither was there a dependable water heater. So, imagine freezing your bum off at night but not having means to heat yourself up the morning after. We decided to go old school by boiling water in the electric kettle (which in retrospect, I am thankful they had provided since they were stingy with everything else) and pouring it into the bucket but honestly, for the price paid, there really should have been better facilities or services.

Saw that the place was crowded and it made me wonder whether we all went to the same website… honestly if the situation was reversed where Mr Grumpy had made the booking, I may have killed him and wondered why he even picked such a place but thankfully, he was a real sporting sweetie about it. Next time, would really need to scan several reviews. I also wondered if any difficult aunties went and complained to them or maybe threw some stuff around, demanding their refund. Yes, THAT’s how it was.

My friend gave some good advice: let there be about 20-30% of bad reviews for a place since it could be a bad experience or sour grapes in general, but if it’s 50-50 then maybe you should reconsider. The reviews for this place was definitely 50-50 and unless they gave us the wrong room by accident, I wouldn’t understand if they were to expect good reviews for our experience.

Anyway, we also went to the Big Red Strawberry Farm in Brinchang.


They had flowers, cactus-es, vegetables, and of course strawberries! It was really pretty and despite eating already before that, decided to try out the desserts and it was beeyootiful

1922274_659165084182808_3326906992995858_n 10710819_655782547854395_6841618224548299571_n

We opted to not go for the tea farm since Mr Grumpy was feeling a bit unwell the morning after. Think it was probably due to this steamboat session we had during the night and of course the lovely temperature in the hotel room haha. Surprisingly, we could not remember anything from our respective previous trips there since everything has changed so much. It was quite congested in Brinchang and most restaurants were packed.

Anyway, although the experience was not what I expected, it reminded me of the time we went to Krabi and had funny adventures together even with the wet weather. Although I was initially annoyed with Mr Bala and friends, I still think the place was pretty and at least had good quality time with Mr Grumpy (Wi-fi was unstable, so back to basic communication hahaha kidding). It’s better to enjoy something with good company than to complain all the time I suppose.

Am still glad we went and could not help but laugh about the experience after. Think Cameron Highlands is the sort of place to go to to spend a night or if you have family trips.


Also, made some strawberry jam with the strawberries we bought from there which I shall include in the next post. 😀


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