This recent weekend was a lovely and relaxing one. Normally, there is always something to do but this time, Mr Grumpy and I managed to kick back and on Sunday, we decided to pop by this food festival with some of his colleagues.


The last time we went to one was to the #foodgasm one, but as luck would have it, it rained and trust me, it is not fun waiting in long queues feeling your face and hair being blown back by the rain and wind. We did not manage to eat so much, but at least the company was also fun the last time round. Nothing like being in wet weather with wet blankets…

Anyhoo, this time, we decided to be a bit smarter about it. Basically went before noon (when many would be rolling around in bed in sunday galore) and it was a nice sunshine-y day! My man came prepared too…


*notice the picnic mat? My hero!*

I loved going to this festival since you get to see what different vendors have to offer.I guess without this sort of exposure, we wouldn’t know of such vendors’ existence unless they have a massive following on social media or online. In KL, it is now not just about the big brands anymore, you get these local ones coming up, like KGB and BurgerLab (particularly for burgers) and they have something fresh,tasty and enticing to offer for a reasonable price. With these options, it’s easy to deal with separation from the likes of McDonald’s and Burger King.  Heck, even Burger Ramly tepi jalan is yummy (featured on Southpark, so don’t play play okay!).

There were stalls, a food truck, and more stalls. Admittedly, this was of a much smaller scale than #foodgasm, but I didn’t mind because there were so many yummy options!!!! I guess it’s different from a pasar malam or Ramadhan bazaar in the sense you have more Western/adventurous food options to try out. Here are some photos…


For the record, they ARE as good as they look, especially that Beef Melt sandwich (with all the cheese). It was love at first bite and a prolonged love affair right there and then in Taman Rimba haha.

With the day being as hot as it was, we decided to buy some juice and we stumbled upon this:


#OMG cold-pressed juice.

I’ve always wondered what the buzz was about in terms of it being cold pressed, and turns out it’s because the fruits are juiced without heat (normal blender can have its blades heating up) so they maintain their nutrients instead of being oxidized. If you are a wiseguy (like I was), I was wondering then why not juice cold fruits/juice on low but no no no, it apparently does not work that way. Because the juices are PRESSED, they are squeezed more than normal juices, making it more raw and without as much pulp.

Texture wise, I’d agree that it is THAT much smoother and really refreshing (then again, the sun was also starting to glare) but hey there must have been some basis to the hype, because THIS was the queue a while later…


Talk about demand, huh? I suppose it’s a step in the right direction for Malaysians since this is something healthy we are talking about and it takes dedication to wait for that long (these machines aren’t known for their speed)! So, well done #OMG and thank you for the yummy delights.

If you look online for these juices in Malaysia, you will see that some are a bit pricey and may only deliver to certain areas unless you have a minimum order of a certain number of bottles since they are not readily available in stores.

Aside from the heavenly Flaming Melt Beef Melt (they have an outlet in Kota Damansara), I also liked the food from the #makanisma stall.


They were at #foodgasm too, and have a few family members in on it serving up yummy food. We had the grilled chicken with fries along with the vanilla glazed doughnuts.


Food food food!

Was also pretty fascinated by this Flower Pot Ice-cream:


With cookie crumbs as soil and the ice-cream inside a cup in a real flower pot, it’s hard to fault them on their creativity and packaging! I mean, doesn’t it look cute? The last time round, it sold out so was grateful to get my hands on this one if only because I was suckered by its cuteness…

One of the lovely things about food is how certain memories are brought back. Like I’d remember how my mum would insist on us eating food while it’s hot and to try a variety of food be it Japanese/Korean/Western/Indian and the list goes on. It’s fun to exchange memories like these with your special ones and see how it was like during their childhoods and how it is now with them.

Sometimes when you taste something, certain flavors bring you back to a more comforting time, a time when things were simpler and all you had to worry about is whether your dessert was sweet enough, whether you would be too full to run and play afterwards. Sometimes when you taste something new, it’s like entering a new world (of excitement or repulsion) and though many of us strive for much bigger purposes in life, I like those sorts of small moments with the promise of possibility. It’s even funnier to try eating something new with friends who are also trying it for the first time. Love watching the different reactions!

So, despite it seeming like a bit of a hipster thing to do before going for these sorts of festivals, it really is fun to do something different once in a while and to try food you may not have thought of trying before. Just make sure the company you bring is the easygoing and fun-loving sort and that you bring along an open mind, heart and preferably an empty stomach.

“I am not a glutton – I am an explorer of food” ― Erma Bombeck


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