Week 25 – Turnip

Being first-timers, Mr Grumpy and I decided to buy pregnancy books. There was a guy’s version called “From dude to dad” and for the record, it is way thinner than the book I got “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”.

But since we are in the here and now, technology has made it that much easier for women to keep track of their pregnancies. There is an app for the book! 😁

It gives daily and weekly updates for the mother, the dad and the baby and has a pretty cool layout. See?


All you need to do is key in your expected due date and you get all this information. Think you can even chat with other mothers but I prefer a face-to-face approach haha.

Its the 25th week now and we have found out that our little chick is a girl! I remember the doctor saying “See this thing that looks like a burger?”

Don’t think there is a need to elaborate there hehe.

So what’s been happening so far this week is our little turnip chick has been kicking lots. There was a stage where I could feel it yet Mr Grumpy could not, but today, there was no mistaking the kicks for him.

Moments like those make the facts sink in. Transitioning from the amount of care and disbelief in the first trimester to now with the baby bump and the scans has been a different yet overwhelming experience.

I’m thankful Mr Grumpy has been there to help me through especially when I doubt myself and have a lag in my emotional responses haha. He has held my hand when we first found out and saw a cute dot on the screen, to seeing her first wave and so on. I guess some women automatically assume their husbands should do that for them, but I appreciate how hands on he has been, a real stand up sort of man. Also am pretty sure he will be an amazing dad.  #lucky

A baby would be here in end Jan or early Feb, God willing. We would be parents and though they say you will have no sleep and may cry along with the baby during days and nights, a part of me cannot wait till I get to see and touch her.

So scared and thrilled at the same time and as time continues to fly, I think the two emotions would only escalate. May everything go well.


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