breakfast – 1Malaysia options

In KL (my cityyyyy!), there is a huge variety of food one can consume at any time of the day. But let’s talk about breakfast options.

You can have ‘roti’ with egg/milk/onions/etc, maggi goreng (fried instant noodles), nasi lemak/coconut rice with chilli paste, tosai/dosa, western options (scrambled eggs,pancakes, the whole works) and then there is also the kopitiam style breakfast.

I love the early weekend mornings I spend with Mr Grumpy, where we jalan-jalan cari makan. This means we pick an area and drive around there aimlessly, finding something interesting to eat. Sometimes we look at reviews and other times, we wing it.

There is this mamak place near our house, which has superyummybetterthandevis tosai/dosa, but I wanted the ‘kopitiam‘ style breakfast so we headed to Old Town near Ampang Point.

Btw, I never knew there is a Korean street (with shops and restaurants) in Ampang. I guess you learn new things everyday.

This is a ‘kopitiam’ set. Basically, toast with kaya (coconut jam), tea/coffee and soft boiled eggs. You can add soy sauce and pepper to the eggs. Normally the eggs are half boiled, but I asked for it to be 0.75 worth of doneness, given the pregnancy.


Mr Grumpy had mushroom chicken rice, which was also pretty nice…See what I mean by variety? I haven’t met a Malaysian who has just one favorite type of food or eats only one type day in, day out. I’ve also seen many expat friends who come and put on a ton of weight and though they sometimes complain about other aspects of the country, food is not a frequent complaint…

Lately in KL, there seems to be a lot of negativity you see on the media and frankly, I think many people should limit some of their nasty comments on social media. Just because you have a certain view doesn’t give you the right to be a foghorn about it, especially when you’re being insensitive to other people. Go write it in your diary or something. All this ”end justifying the means” bullshit is in fact just that: bullshit. Don’t start fires that you may not be able to put out, more so when it becomes too late.

And another peeve is how when someone can no longer debate factually about a certain issue and would resort to personal slandering just to prove a point.

Hello? What point exactly are you trying to prove?

Be it normal individuals/politicians, it’s just not right. In Islam, you are supposed to firstly comment in a nice way (not be a foghorn), and ignore/distance if it displeases you. Yes, you have a right to defend yourself in other means, but that is not the first option.

Too many hotheads with keyboards and manic fingers, that’s what the problem is.

It’s all a waste, to focus on the things that make people different yet not learning about how these differences came about and how to move forward peacefully. It’s a waste to think your opinion is the only one that matters, when Islam has encouraged you to learn and give more, to be tolerant and to love peace. It’s a waste when you can enjoy other cultures and foods, yet despise them whenever convenient for you.

Btw, I also think it is a huge waste when other expats can see such beauty and potential in your country and there you are, complaining about the petty things.

“The Destiny of Man is to unite, not to divide. If you keep on dividing you end up as a collection of monkeys throwing nuts at each other out of separate trees.” ― T.H. White


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