RIP Samsung S3

If you were to ask my parents, ”gentle” would not be one of the words they use to describe me. In fact, my mum says I’m like my dad who can be like a ”bull in a china shop” and I have to take extra care when handling fragile things.

Having said that, I am TERRIBLE with taking care of my phone. The poor thing is likely to be dropped at least once a day (like a smashing drop), if not taking a fast flight to the other side of the room. I admire those who can sell their phones second hand because of the good condition they’re in, that’s an achievement I would hardly ever be able to reach!

So, today, it finally happened. My poor phone, the S3, that has always been kind, decided to give up on me.

Though it has survived cracks in its glass screen, a significant amount of smashing drops, my furiously pressing its buttons and restarting it (just because Candy Crush is slow to load), it had its last drop…in the shower.

Me: It’s gone…I don’t think it works anymore.

Mr Grumpy: Let me see…*twiddles and troubleshoots*…yeap, it’s gone. *unibrow look came my way*

Well, at least I am not the sort to be so tech savvy and into all these phone operating systems (statement sedapkan hati). Just more of social media, Candy Crush and the basics of texting,calling and Whatsapp. So, am not too fussy about the phone I use. Then again, I suppose if I was into those things, I would take better care of my poor phones… *sigh*

Thankfully, Mr Grumpy was in a good mood today hehe because he has bought me another one!


Mr Grumpy: I wanted to surprise you…. I got you a phone!

Me: OMG, thank you!

Mr Grumpy: No problem, just don’t drop it again! If u do, will make you pay for it and you beli your new phone sendiri. Hahaha

Me: Maybe we can attach some padding to it, so it will always be safe!

Mr Grumpy:…or you could just take better care of your phone. *ahem*


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