Pregnancy symptoms + conditions

Before you get pregnant (this one’s for the ladies and maybe the busybody men), I’m sure you’ve heard some lovely stories about morning sickness, your feet swelling till borderline elephantitis, going off some of your favorite foods (temporary/ forever) and maybe about not being able to get up without rolling to your side first. The last one is true for sure in the last stages of pregnancy. Because you are big and the baby is pressing against your back and spine, you look like an overturned turtle trying to get up on your own.

But as for the rest, I guess it’s funny because I didn’t really have them. No morning sickness/swelling and if anything, I became a human food vacuum which needs to be operated every 2 hours. I had/have a different set of conditions, like getting easily fatigued, pregnancy brain (where you forget things right when you were thinking about them) and funnily enough, claustrophobia with some panic attacks. Crowds get to me now, but more so when I am alone and one time I scrambled out of the grocery store because I felt like I was blacking out and without the groceries. Was too embarrassed to go back for like a month!

Anyway, the point is I remember when I used to hear stories, my eyes would widen, jaw would drop and you’d hear Mr Grumpy squeaking ‘‘Stop telling her these kinds of stories! I will never have kids!”  But it’s true, what they say: Every pregnancy is different for every woman. Meaning to say, even for a woman, her first pregnancy may differ from the second and third, and what happens for a woman (maybe the mother) may also not happen for her daughter when the daughter’s pregnant.

They say you have to be ready in a lot of aspects (financially, emotionally, etc) before you get pregnant but I only agree to an extent. My mum would say the maternal instinct is something that (although is natural within you), you need to fine tune and work on. But as long as you can care and put someone else’s needs before yours, you can be a good mother. I’m sure some bits involve taking it a day at a time, unless you were born automatically having knowledge about changing diapers, feeding, training the baby and so forth (don’t kid yourself).

When Mr Grumpy and I got married, it wasn’t where we made a conscious decision to have kids straight away. It was more of a ‘‘let’s see what happens” attitude since there are adjustments you make in starting a marriage anyway. But before I knew it, I felt my hormones going up and down like crazy. The smallest things would set me off and it took a lot of effort to not blast out at people. Observe the changes:

During non-pregnant times: and let’s say some jerk cuts me off on the road: It’s okay… maybe he’s in a hurry…

Pregnant but before finding out: WHO THE HECK DOES THIS BUGGER THINK HE IS? WHERE DOES HE STAY?! I’M GOING TO HUNT HIM DOWN AND HONK HIS A%$ TILL HIS CHILDREN ALL NEVER FORGET THIS…bugger thinks he can mess with me *vroom!honkhonk*

Pregnant and after finding out: He should be more responsible and not take such risks on the road.Omg! What if he has a kid with him?! (back to being somewhat rational)

During times like these, I’m very grateful my family and friends have such patience with me. Needless to say, I was also confused by my own craziness before I found out I was pregnant. In fact, the night before I found out, I remember bawling my eyes out to Mr Grumpy saying I’d NEVER be able to finish my assignment because I was so stupid and he just could not understand me and him having this confused look ”Who IS this woman? And what has she done to my wife?” 

Decided to try a test and after seeing two lines, Mr Grumpy rushed to buy a digital one (because you know, I was kiasu and thought it may be fake) and we saw this:

B Mango - 2B

Me: Do you think it could still be a false positive?

Mr Grumpy: I don’t think so, we’ve went DIGITAL!!


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