Me’Nate Ampang Jaya

Public holidays are awesome because you get to spend time with family. As you grow older and have more commitments, I enjoy the ”longgok” sessions more, whether it is with my gene gang or Mr Grumpy’s. Naturally, there are different dynamics but I enjoy how everyone gets together to touch base and there’s good food involved.

So, tonight, decided to have dinner with my siblings at this steak place in Ampang Jaya, Me’Nate. I’ve missed spending time with them.

They have an array of steaks to choose from, different grades and Allison and I were wondering what ‘mbs’ meant on the menu. Or was it ”msb”? Pregnancy brain DOES exist, people, but I digress. There are beef/lamb cuts to choose from along with a free flow of drinks with your main course.

I ordered the wagyu sirloin and Dila and Tin decided to have Shabu-Shabu.


This is what they looked like.

The yummy looking one on the square plate = Shabu-Shabu and it was pretty tasty. TRY if you go!

The meat is sliced and there is mayonnaise with mustard in a square around the meat slices. The sirloin was juicy and looking about the restaurant, it seemed pretty popular as the place was nearly fully packed. Apparently they have about 3 branches in Ampang and while Mr Grumpy tried one of the other two outlets before, he liked this one in Ampang Jaya better. The founder/owner is mainly at this branch, so maybe that had something to do with the better food.

They also have side dishes, such as onion rings (which I ordered in all my ambition, only to have unfinished), fries and also pasta dishes. It’s a nice place to just sit and chill as you take your time with the food, the service however is not so fantastic.

“There is only one right way to eat a steak – with greed in your heart and a smile on your face.” ― Soumeet Lanka


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