kitchen project – overnight oats + almond milk

When I first started my internship, breakfast would always be a bit haywire. Imagine a mouse with its eyes darting about as it scurried on its way, sniffing the air to find some cheese. Yeap, that’s often how I would be. I would stop to buy sandwiches/pastries etc but over a while, I realized that many of my meals in a day were unhealthy. It didn’t help that I had extra KFC last week and had a nightmare about the baby coming out and only wanting KFC. That’s when I started looking at different breakfast ideas.

Pinterest has always been super helpful for easy recipes and of course, there’s Google. This was how I found out about Overnight Oats and what a yummy breakfast it can be. Basically, it’s rolled oats in a glass jar with yogurt and milk (and chia seeds, if you like) along with whatever fruits/nuts/berries you may like. I like referring to recipes till I feel more comfortable, then just innovate from there to try different flavors. A friend of mine recommended this lady, and she is pretty innovative with her recipes ( ) . Look how good that looks!

B Mango - 2B

You too can make this!

Anyway, a nice substitute for milk can also be almond milk. It’s difficult to get in supermarkets, so decided to try making some tonight with Mr Grumpy (aka my husband). I remember when I first started cooking (which was after I got married haha!), he would call the kitchen a war zone as his eyebrow would come together into a unibrow. These days, I guess it has improved (no more war zones) and it’s really sweet that he’s right beside me helping me cook etc even though I don’t ask/hint for it.


Soaked about 1.5 cups of almonds from last night then tonight, we drained the water out and then whizzed them in a blender with 4.5 cups of water + 1 tbsp vanilla extract + 1 tbsp honey. Then strain the milk using a cheesecloth/kitchen towel and you have almond milk! For a step-by-step recipe, you could always try this link:

Mr Grumpy insisted it was his super hands that made the almond milk super but nevertheless the milk was really nice. I’m yet to try the packaged one but I suppose if you’re making it on your own, you can adjust the sweetness, thickness etc. For example, I saw some recipes that used dates as sweeteners so maybe you can try innovating for whatever rocks your boat.

“Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple.” ― Natalie Babbitt


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