new beginnings

I wonder if it’s the same for every generation or if it’s just for this generation that things can move at an incredibly fast pace. This past year has been a whirlwind of events, what with job changes, getting married and *Boom!* getting pregnant (dum dum dummm).

Through these stages, it’s normal to want to lean on others whether for guidance or perspectives and for that, I have found myself Googling stuff more than ever! What to cook: Google, What should I do in life: Google, Would sleeping on my right or back side really affect the baby’s breathing: Google…

And it is through these Googling adventures (alongside the bugging of older ones who have been through these experiences, like my mum…though I *try* to do it subtly) that I found it helpful to read blogs/experiences of others who have/are going through these things. In that regard, I hope some things that I choose to rant/muse/share on this blog may prove to be useful to someone out there.


2 thoughts on “new beginnings

  1. Hi lia, sj here. im not on facebook anymore and have recently moved abroad 🙂 so i’ll be out of touch for a bit. i like your new blog it looks really clean 🙂 gonna try your recipes too heheh. take care of the young one when she’s born and your man too. ill get in touch with you later. love you always.

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