of bumps and browns

Of late, AK has either been participating in boxing or football matches. I can feel my belly doing the beatbox and where it once used to be during the morning and night, it is now becoming a more consistent feature of my 24 hours. Am loving it though, since I used to worry when I did not feel some movement. I’d try making my belly vibrate and whisper ”Hello? Are you okay?” until I would feel a response with Mr Grumpy squeaking in the background ”Don’t shake your belly so hard, maybe she’s sleeping!” #firsttimeparentsparanoia

Sometimes, I get quite involved in the things I may read or hear about and it’s a coincidence that lately I have heard of a few cases of miscarriage/stillborns. Surely having such strength to overcome such losses is not easy and the feeling is likely to be a scar you wear for a very long time, I know, admire and respect women who have went through that and have found the strength to move forward. Genuinely believe that everything happens for a reason and God gives what is best for us, even if we may be unwilling to accept it. In that perspective, I would sometimes imagine the worst case scenario for situations so that I can better deal IF *touch wood* something were to happen. Having accounted for it, then it helps to be positive and put in some effort too to balance things. The mind works in mysterious ways indeed.

I was nervous for the appointment this time round, given that the last time AK was in breech position. It’s normal for the baby to roll/swim around in the belly but since my doctor is pretty laid back and I sensed a bit of anxiety last time round, decided not to take any chances and still go for the appointment. Thankfully, everything is going smoothly and I saw AK’s foot! Mum and I counted her toes and saw that her nose is not that flat, but more importantly, her brain and heart beating and half her body taking up the scan. She is also about 1kg for now and from here on out, both her weight and mine should be escalating at a fast rate. Another 5kg or so, and I should be able to benchpress Mr Grumpy without breaking a sweat hahaha.

Additionally, been having the dizzy spells and fatigue comes a bit more easily now, so was told to take things easy. People have been commenting ”Oh, your bump is SO small!” but when we asked the doctor, he said it’s because I am tall. Apparently, if I was shorter, it would pop out more but not that this should be the main measure of things. It should always be where the baby is fine and healthy so despite these conditions due to the low blood pressure, back pains etc, it definitely is worth it if AK is happily kicking and punching away.


*This may not apply once you’re out, young lady!*

On a side note, it is important for pregnant women to feel comfortable and beautiful in their own bodies. I went and got my hair did, after not cutting/coloring for a long time.


*In case you were looking for Pluto, it’s here and has it’s own orbit.*

It was quite funny at the salon, because the hairstylist, Uncle Kevin, has been cutting my hair since I was young and his eyes nearly popped out when he saw the baby bump. I guess it must be quite incredulous that someone you imagined as just a kid is now about to have her own kid, God willing. My dad and brother have their own funny ways of dealing with it, which is quite endearing haha. I definitely have gotten some funny comments from my guy friends, which I guess is because they can sometimes be more clueless than women about pregnancy.

In life, we often rush about and are anxious to achieve so many things, but this pregnancy has taught me that it is important to also take life at a slower pace sometimes, even if it is something you are not used to doing.I literally have to remember to breathe sometimes, walk a bit slower and to shake my legs and fingers whenever tingling sensations come around. It definitely teaches you more about these small details about your body, not just about your diet or lifestyle. Mr Grumpy always reminds me to be patient with myself and everyone is being extra nice (hahaha another benefit!) so am really grateful for the solid support system.

So, this weekend shall be a celebration of life because Mr Grumpy and I are going for a small getaway. We have not been to this place since we both were kiddies so hopefully, this will be interesting. 😀

“Wherever you may go; Life is a beautiful thing. Life is like a passing season. It comes and go. Whatever may come, it’s better to enjoy the changing seasons.” ― Happy Positivity